Tim Burt’s Annual Super Bowl Ad Critiques

In the United States, the Super Bowl (R) is usually the most-watched television event of the year. It is the culmination of the professional football season.

It is also the one day when businesses and corporations showcase their “big ad,” because they know that an estimated 115 million people will be watching.

These companies and advertising agencies will spend around $5 million for just 30 seconds of air time.


These commercials usually go for cheap laughs, and most recently, social signaling.

That said, 80% of businesses are not repeat buyers from year-to-year.

Why? They see little or no measurable return on their investment.

So each “Super Bowl Sunday” I camp out in front of the television with my computers, and give real-time, honest, sometimes brutal critiques of these advertising displays.

I don’t judge on humor. I judge on what will bring help the business make money from the commercials.

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