You don’t have to waste money on ineffective advertising any longer. This is the pure, unfiltered truth about advertising from my 25 years of experience around the world. The good. The bad. The irrelevant things that you may think are important, but aren’t. I’ll give you real-world examples of successes – and spectacular advertising failures. Chapters include:

  • “Destroying Advertising Myths and Stereotypes.” Your radio or video commercial probably doesn’t require music, and I’ll explain in full detail. Why getting the audience’s attention” is a mythand more.
  • “The 10 Common Advertising Mistakes and How To Avoid Them.” Do you know why mentioning your website and phone number is highly discouraged? Learn why a commercial with no emotion is practically useless. Find out why fear and ego will kill your advertising before it even starts…and more.
  • “Ten Time-Tested Strategies to Achieve Exponential Growth.” Discover the power of techniques as compare and contrast, teasing, and admitting problems in your ads are extremely valuable.

Don’t waste another second or cent on awful ads. Your business deserves your best effort. Make yourself smarter than all your other business owner friends. Apply my proven strategies, and watch what happens.

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