In just 45 minutes YOU WILL LEARN:

  • How to bust the “Radio doesn’t work” myth, and quickly turn a skeptic into a hot lead.

  • Why spots that sell information suck…and what message your client’s spots should be sending instead.

  • The quickest way to boost your client’s ROI.

  • Tim’s “3 Unbreakable Laws Of Advertising” to create ads that sell.

  • And a lot more.

Where: Medici MediaSpace

2065 Walton Road, Overland MO 63114

When: August 15, 11 a.m.


You know how to sell…it’s what you are selling that keeps you in the same repetitive cycle that causes you to lose clients. This info shows you how to break that dead-end cycle, and ink clients to long-term schedules.

Messaging is the most important part of client success.

In fact, I’d put this up against any corporate training anywhere in the world…because no corporation offers what you’ll get at this event.

I’m giving you some of my proven tactics and techniques which you can use as soon as you get back to your office.

He gets my advertising…that’s why I work with him. And that’s why my radio ads have been so successful.
Bart Inman

Owner, Inman Air

Tim has a beautiful gift of wording our marketing to get the point across concisely yet portraying the message we need to convey. He is a master at what he does!! Thank you Tim!!
Tammy Mitchell Hines

Owner, Tammy Mitchell Hines & Co.

I have done this type of work for 25 years and I have never met someone who is so good at what he does.  Tim assured every penny I spent was spent wisely.  He is the best.
Vince Hillyer

CEO, Great Circle

I wish I talked to Tim sooner. I would’ve saved a lot of money. He helped us with our commercials like no one else could.
Hue Fussell

Owner, Cow Sprayer (Georgia)


If you’re tired of losing leads because they don’t believe in the power of radio, you should be at this powerful information session. Radio – just like any other medium – works when you use it properly.

I‘ve generated untold millions of dollars for companies around the world, and now you can look into my strategy kit.

Tim gave us a promotion which got us a 30% return in one day from a sales letter. We couldn’t have done that on our own.
Sheik Ramassar

Owner, Creme De La Crepe (Pasadena, CA.)

His services have paid for themselves about 10 times over, and I’m not making that number up.
Priscilla Gonzalez

Owner, Castle Vision Marketing, Las Cruces NM

Tim is the advertising master!!
Bradley Chapman

Owner, Yes You Can Global Motivation (UK)

I follow Tim’s lead when it comes to my advertising.
Barb Munchell

Owner, Cigar Haven (Indianapolis)

Tim has a knack for pulling truthfulness from the client. We love it.
Joe Stephenson

Owner, Ad Home, Inc.

Tim makes the complex understandablequickly.
Chris Turner

Owner, LM Radio (S. Africa)

With Tim’s expert help, we filled our English classes!
Sagar Sharma

Owner, English For India

He takes the time to explain principles that you can understand.
Jamaine Semple

Owner, High End Visuals (Antigua)


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