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Latest News

KFC Steals The Show At Festival

KFC takes their already quirky marketing to a completely new level, leaving concert goers stunned…but they didn’t hide anything.

This is an extremely valuable marketing lesson to be learned here.

Click here to watch the critique.

Tim in the press

Inside Radio Interview

“Create the itch that the audience wants to scratch.”

In this Inside Radio article (taken from a live webinar with Local Broadcast Sales), you’ll learn some very sobering statistics about trying to sell online.

Tim in the press

Radio & Production Interview

In this interview with Radio & Production magazine, I detail how the same lazy mistakes made in the US are also made in ads around the world.

Marketing & advertising books

New Book: A Kick In The Ads

Advertising critique video

The ad that ruined radio forever

This pre-recorded :60 second radio commerical (which was supposed to sound live) gets completely derailed by the outcome of the biggest college football game of 2019. 

Watch it here.

Tim in the press

Interview: Super Bowl 53 Ads

For the last 10 years, Tim has been critiquing the Super Bowl commercials in real time. 

Who were this year’s winners and losers?

Listen to his annual interview on WMAL in Washington, D.C. 

Seminar Photos

Karachi, Pakistan. Jan 30, 2019 with Pakistan Advertisers Society


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